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Accident Repair Centre


 Our accident repair centre is dedicated to doing everything they can to make the process completely hassle-free and help you get back on the road quickly. Whether it's a minor scratch or a major bodywork repair, our centre has the personnel, equipment, technology and expertise to get your car on the road after an accident. With a highly-skilled team we work hard to return your car to the highest standard.

Insurance Claims

In the event of an accident which you are at fault and a claim has to be made, we can assist you every step of the way; from the initial start of the claim to the final completion of repairs.  Whilst the vehicle is in for repair we will keep the insurance company informed at every stage.

  • Audatex estimating system – Approved estimating system for all leading insurance companies

  • A replacement vehicle is provided.  Specialist vehicles can be sourced

  • All paperwork handled by us free of charge

  • Progress updates can be provided as we monitor each stage of the repair and claim process

  • All work is guaranteed

  • Meets all insurance criteria

  • All the latest repair techniques applied from aluminium welding to bonding.

Cosmetic car repairs at affordable prices

If you've got a small dent or scratch on your vehicle, we use our smart repair technique, which removes minor scratches and dents without replacing the panel of your vehicle. Sometimes the damage can be major, in that situation, you will have to leave your vehicle with us for appropriate repair work to be carried out. To request a free quote on our services, contact our reliable car body repair shop.


It’s your right to choose!

When your vehicle is damaged in an accident, it’s a common perception that you need to get your vehicle repaired from the garage suggested by your insurance company, but that is not true. As a vehicle owner you have the right to choose the garage you want. For more information on our car body repairs or cosmetic car repairs, contact us now.

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