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Car Oil


S. J. Grigg Garage provide affordably priced car repairs and services. Our highly experienced team will make sure your car is fixed to the highest standards. We can service all makes and models of vehicle including hybrid and electric from the first service due, maintaining your vehicles warranty and keeping up to date your digital service records.


We have state of the art diagnostic equipment including dealer level diagnostic capabilities that will work with even the newest , cars, campervans, hybrid and electric vehicles. We also have all Main Dealer master technician support that can solve the most complicated faults.


Wheel alignment

If your tyres are out of alignment, you’re probably experiencing all sorts of problems. Your car might not be handling properly (which can be very dangerous) or you could be experiencing severe and unnecessary tyre wear (which can be expensive). It is a good idea to have your wheel alignment checked at least once a year.


MOT tests are legally required in the UK and are designed to ensure that your vehicle meets the required standard to be deemed roadworthy at the time of test. We are a fully equipped garage with both Class 4 and Class 7 MOT test lanes, meaning we can service all makes and model of car as well as goods vehicles up to 3,500 kg.

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